Our club has a prime location for the practice of windsurfing or kitesurfing. You can choose flat water or waves all in the same spot. The wind blows side offshore on the right side and the beach in front of the club does not have swell because it is protected by the island of Sal Rei. Around the club there are several places with waves for all levels.


The location of our club is without doubt the best of Boavista Island to windsurf. You can enter the water smoothly with the shorebreak conditions almost like a lake. The spot is perfect for introduction to the sport or for practicing freeride, race, slalom, freestyle and wave sailing.


Kiteboarding is one of the most popular sports on Boavista Island and we have several areas to practice this spor. Introduction to kitesurfing is done on islet in front of Sal Rei, or if you prefer freestyle or strapless there is a flat water zone with constant wind also near the island. The bay has several areas for freeride or wave kitesurfing.


Good waves in other places in this bay…


About 150 meters south of the center there is a small reef that causes small waves ideal for beginners and reef wave riders.


 Although the conditions in front of the center are very calm, we can find world class conditions for wave riding between the port and Sal Rei island and depending on the swell direction waves can be between 2 and 4 meters at “Leoa”.


On the island of Sal Rei and depending on the direction of the swell, there are waves of 2-4 meters. We call this place "Porto, Ilheua".


With great waves and northern wind there is an amazing place behind the Sal Rei island called "Porto Ilheu"  and known as little Ponta Preta.


 Just a mile into the open sea there is the English reef with very big waves never smaller than 4 meters.



Safety its one of our biggest focuses and we have professionals looking for the riders in need of assistance. We organize rescues in a motor boat in the calm areas and with a jet ski when wave conditions require.



Assessed by FRANCOIS GUY in the last 30 years he lived here in Cape Verde its 75% Northeast, 10% East, 10% North and 5% other directions.