Guided Trips

Guided Trips

Guided Trips


 There are other places with very good waves around the island of Boavista, between 1 and 2 hours drive from the city.


We make private visits to these sites with a professional guide in a 4x4 pick-up  to take guests and equipment to the best location every day, depending on your level and weather conditions.


Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.


Punta Antonia

This spot is well known among kite surfers because of the ease in learning and practicing here. It is a large bay of white sand with constant wind on-shore.


Ferreira Lagoon

This spot is the safest of the island, ideal for practicing and learning kitesurfing in super flat water where the wind blows constantly from the sea.


Porto Ferreira

Here you will find a spot with flat water and waves preferred by lobster fishermen bay. It is protected by a reef and has flat water at the shore and more waves further out.



This spot works best with north-east, east or south-east swell and wind towards the east or north-east.

There are two point breaks and appropriate locations for all levels of surfers. Due to thermal acceleration the wind here is a little stronger with side to side-off shore from the left.



This site is located on the southwestern tip of the island with great swell. The currents are strong and do not allow much room for error. For experienced surfers Varandinha provides a lot of fun with its slow waves. The wind is typically crosshore or cross-off from the right.


Praia de Chaves

In this beach the wind blows cross-shore but with the strong swell it becomes a dangerous spot due to the large shorebreak.


Cape Santa Maria

This spot is known as the boat beach due to the wreckage of a sunken ship there. It is a white sandy bay with fully on-shore wind.


Baia das Gatas

This spot is located northeast of the island and is a long beach with constant on-shore wind.


We have daily guided tours to the best spots on the island.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.