Surf lessons

Surfing is a very popular sport. There are several larger boards that can be used for beginners to the sport, medium sizes for those that are intermediate and small boards for experienced surfers.


We offer courses for all levels from beginner to advanced level for those who want to do this sport.

Our instructors are confident surfers and have a lot of experience in the sea


Baptism: first steps in sport (1 hour all equipment included) Introductory course: you will learn to perform all the techniques correctly and enjoy more of the practice of this sport. (8 hours all equipment included)


• Knowledge of equipment

• Paddling techniques

• Standing up on the board

• Controlling the board

• Changing direction

• Safety

• Theory


Any level (Intermediate and Advanced Course): improve navigation technique in different conditions, the first step to the waves (2 hours all equipment included)



• Use different boards

• Theory of the waves, reefs and currents

• Skip the wave with the technical Bico de Pato

• Catching waves and surf

• Private lessons are available to learn specific tricks


We teach in several languages.